Looking Ahead to January 2018

Though we’re only halfway through December, I’ve decided to put together a post looking ahead to January. December is a notoriously busy month, and as the first fortnight has already flown past at an alarming rate I have no doubt the rest of the month will go speeding past just as quickly.

As the start of a new year, I feel compelled to the kinds of things associated with such times: cleaning and cleansings, resolutions and goals, all the banishing of the old and bringing in of the new that is traditionally involved. Historically, this has not been especially successful for me. (I know I am not alone in that, but the point remains.) On the other hand, this is (I think) the most emotionally balanced and mentally healthy I’ve been since I was a child, and years of failure have at least provided me with some examples of what not to do.

As I’ve previously posted, I’ve signed up for two year-long challenges: #BeatTheBacklist and #GetYourWordsOut. I don’t have a set number of books I’d like to read over the course of the year, aside from “more than I read in 2017”; I think 3-5 books total for January sounds reasonable, with 2-3 of them counting towards the BTB challenge. I think one of the non-BTB books will be the Whole30 diet book, which I am strongly considering giving a try. As for GYWO, 240 writing days for the year is 20 days per month, so that’s where I’m aiming.

Other plans for January involve a one-month resolution, which will likely be a “repeat” of my intended resolution for December: exercise. I want to get a box of A’s gifts in the mail before the 15th, and I want to complete my first hat (currently in the pre-chart set-up) and one other fiber art project, ideally something on my loom. And finally, a spoon-replenishing goal: getting a facial and/or massage at the spa college!