Orphea is a nature spirit, based on the silver birch tree and the white-tailed deer. Her name is a feminine form of Orpheus. She is an original character, though she does not have any associated back/story nor do I intend to create one at this time. I’m going for a shy, sweet forest creature look.

The gallery below is arranged newest to oldest; posts about her are in the project: birch-deer bjd tag.

Resin: Fairyland Littlefee Nanuri 13 faceplate (NS); Fairyland Realfee girl body & LTF adaptor (NS); Fairyland Realfee satyr legs (TS)
Clothing: PKF dress by honeythorpe (temporary)
Purchased: secondhand on DoA, 2013 (face), new through DDE, 2015 (body)

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