juniI’m Juni- you can also call me Kat, June, or Juniper. I’ve had an obsession with mermaids and the sea my whole life, but I’ve got more of the sea witch in me than the littlest mermaid, thus the name. I launched this blog in December 2011, and then revamped/purged in August 2015 in an effort to move towards more thoughtful and focused blogging (instead of my previous MO of uncorking my brain from time to time and seeing what fell out.) My “personal” tags are adventures in Depressionland and portrait of a witch.

I’ve never much liked introducing myself, and I’m sure my posts give a better picture of me than I could sum up anyway. If you’ve any questions, do feel free to ask.

The obligatory pictures of my benevolent and cuddly feline overlords:

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