Sharing a Story

Sharing a Story

Morag shared a link on G+ that I think everyone should read: ILU-486 by Amanda Ching. It’s… well, it’s uncomfortable and unsettling, honestly. The future it imagines is not far off. It’s both foreign and familiar. I want to buy a bunch of these stickers and post them in women’s bathrooms.

I’m hooked on the tv show Awake. (Somehow I did not notice the main character is goddamned LUCIUS MALFOY until I went to the Wikipedia page to link it I AM OBLIVIOUS.) I don’t have an opinion yet on which reality is the real one, although after watching episode two, I am inclined to think the “red” reality, with his wife living and his son deceased, is the real one. I will probably change my opinion with every episode, though.

After vomiting until I dry heaved and then heaved some more, so dizzy I had to crawl up the stairs, I finally gave in to withdrawal and took a Cymbalta. (I do not even want to imagine the pain addicts go through with, like, narcotic withdrawal or something. Damn.) I opened a capsule and poured out about half of the contents, so I didn’t take a full 30mg. After it kicked in, I made a week’s worth of half dose pills, and then a week’s worth of 1/3rd dose pills. I’ll try stopping after that, and if I get sick again, I’ll have to go down to 1/4th and 1/5th dosages, I guess.

On top of recovering from the crap of the weekend, I got my period. I really hope it doesn’t last too long, because Mom got tickets to see Celtic Woman on St. Paddy’s (if I see another advertisement for “St. Patty’s” I am going to stab someone), and I would like to be able to enjoy it. I hope everyone going to Paganicon has a good time! I will be there next year, goddamnit. I am determined!

I’ve had tattoos on the brain lately. Particularly my planned ancestor ink. I knew for ages that I wanted it to include my favorite epitaph as well as a winged death’s head. (Growing up in CT, it’s basically impossible to go to a graveyard and not see at least one.) After some conversation in chat and some musing on my own, I decided on the national flowers for each of the countries I know my family comes from: the thistle for Scotland, the shamrock for Ireland, the cornflower for Germany, the iris for France, the corn poppy for Poland, the viburnum for Ukraine, and mountain laurel for the US, specifically Connecticut. I don’t have the design quite set in my head, just the elements I want to include, but honestly I’ll probably just leave that to the artist. I also don’t know where exactly I want to put it.

I think I’m going to call it a day and turn off the computer- I’ve been working on this entry all day! I am such a space-case sometimes, I swear.

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