Weekly Review #1

(Unbearably clever title, I know.)

  • I am a redhead once again. I missed it, though I’m not 100% happy with my bleach job or my color ratio; regardless, it’s better than it was.
  • Triplets miracle: Saskatchewan woman performs CPR on newborn while still in labour” – Nykti linked this article in chat, and all I can say is holy shit.
  • I took the entire week off from work to sleep and clean. To the surprise of no one, I have fared significantly better at the former than the latter. Still, I need to get my room properly emptied before my new wall-to-wall set of shelves get delivered from Ikea on the 18th.
  • I bought a 3D printed moon lamp, and it is way cooler than I actually expected it to be. Unfortunately I have already mislaid the charging cable in my efforts to clean shit up. At least I know I haven’t thrown it away.
  • TWIL from Koi that there are four words in the English language that end in -dous: hazardous, horrendous, stupendous, tremendous.
  • One of my coworkers enjoys cross-stitching, preferably of vulgar, obscene content; she has a whole book full of patterns with quotes like “I hope you choke”, “Cheer up, loser”, and “Die in a fire”. She offered to make me one, and this is the one I picked! I love it.
  • If I do Get Your Words Out for 2019, I will be going back to the word pledge, I think- it’s only August and I’ve already failed the habit pledge because I couldn’t get my shit together. If I were doing a word pledge, at least I would still have a shot at completion.
    • I’m not 100% sure if I’ll participate next year. I still haven’t managed to make myself feel comfortable in the community, though I have tried, and I’m not really sure how much I’m getting out of the resources. On the other hand, if I participate then I at least have the option to use them.
  • I have been having weird, weird dreams lately. Being inexplicably topless at work (though I’m the only one to notice); dating a guy that is, in the way of dreams, someone I knew in high school and also not, and driving around an indoor mall and people’s houses together; being in a high school ballet team; evading some kind of violent gang in a weird Sin City pastiche.

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