32 and counting…

It’s not the big 3-0, nor has it the satisfying symmetry of 33, but here I am.

As is tradition, I’m taking stock and making plans, struggling with my desire to do All The Things™ (and also to Finally Get My Act Together™) and my apparently innate tendency to bite off more than I can chew and drown in a sea of disappointment and frustration.

So instead of attempting 33 things before I turn 33, I’ll try 6.

  1. Find a personal trainer that I feel comfortable with, and with their help develop an exercise routine.
  2. Find a full time job that offers benefits; bonus points if said job does not involve a cash register.
  3. Sort through every single thing I own. I may end up doing it twice, once to get rid of obvious stuff I never use and don’t need, and then once it’s down to a manageable level do a proper KonMari clean-out.
  4. Finish the first draft of Evie’s novel.
  5. Read 33 books.
  6. Make one tangible creative thing every month.
  7. Bonus goal: get a new tattoo!

Wish me luck!

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