I’m signing up for Novel Knight’s Beat the Backlist 2018 Challenge, which I attempted for the first few months of last year and then forgot about. Whoops!

For 2018, my goal is to read two backlist books I already own but have not yet read for every other book I read. I’d like to get back out of my recent reading slump and finish a book a month, at least- if I could get back up to a book a week that would be awesome, but I’m not setting any hard and fast goals because this is about my own pleasure and enjoyment. For the BTB2018 challenge, I’ve been sorted into #TeamBookBards!

I’m really looking forward to working through my extensive TBR pile, and if you have one of your own I encourage you to join us!

4 thoughts on “#BeatTheBacklist 2018

    1. One thing I really like is that the challenge is super flexible- you’re setting all your own goals, and you don’t have to be any more specific than “read some backlist from my TBR shelf”.

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