*Semi Incoherent Screeching*

My wands are here!!!

Context: I fell in love with the Potter-style wands made by Marandi Li of Praeclarus Wands, well, ages ago, and I got myself added to the waiting list back in September 2015. I spent a lot of time oohing and aahing over her work, trying to decide what design elements I wanted in my own wand, and what kind of wood. She announced a one year hiatus was upcoming just as my name got to the top of the list, and while I was bummed at having to wait another year, part of me was a bit relieved because I had no goddamned idea what I wanted.

So of course she messaged me saying that if I still wanted to commission her, it was my turn, just before her hiatus started! I still couldn’t decide between woods, and so I decided to get two wands- one of birch, and one of bog oak. (The paper birch is my favorite tree, and I have an intense fondness for bog wood that I can’t quite explain.) I wanted them to complement each other but not to match, and after a few designs/revisions Maranda started carving. They just arrived today and I am beyond thrilled. (Her photos will be infinitely better (as you can see on her dA linked above) but I’ve no idea when they’ll be up and I wanted to share now!)

IMG_0960 The birch wand! (HP stats: birch and phoenix feather, 11 3/4″, swishy. The card she included says ‘The birch wand’s symbolism of growth and rebirth make it particularly suited to the phoenix core. Together, this pairing seeks out owners who are highly individual and aren’t afraid to explore uncharted territory. Birch & phoenix wands have a knack for all sorts of repair and rejuvenation spells.’) The wand has been lightly stained with a warm golden color, the rounded pommel has some texturing inspired by tree roots, and the deep inset spiral works its way out to a raised spiral effect. Turning it in my hand, the wand has a wavy look to it- it doesn’t appear entirely straight from any angle.

IMG_0961 The bog oak wand! (HP stats: bog oak and dragon heartstring, 11 3/4″, rigid. The included card says ‘Bog oak wands retain many of the qualities of regular wandwood-quality oak, but in unpredictable ways. Combined with a dragon core, this usually solidifies into a strength for nature-assisted combat magic. Bog oak & dragon wands prefer owners with powerful intuition and unshakable loyalty.’) The wand is unstained, the pointed pommel has some hammered/chiseled texture, and the raised spiral twists into an inset spiral. Despite the twists, the wand appears perfectly straight.

If you’re reading these and going ‘holy Hufflepuff, Batman’ you are right! It was utterly, entirely unintentional, but the birch ended up showing the earthy, warm yellow side, and the bog oak ended up reflecting the unshakable, iron-black side. It’s obvious in retrospect, and to be honest I’m both amused and very happy.

Lastly, I asked for a slightly odd request: miniature versions of the wands that I could wear as pendants. I adore my wands, and even before we started designing them I knew I would. IMG_0962But they’re not really ‘carry around with you’ kinds of things, and it made me a little sad to think that I’d only enjoy them at home. (Nevermind that I hardly leave the house. Shh.) I am super happy with how they came out, and she even made them a little wand box! They’re just over two inches long, and as requested they have a small hole drilled through the pommel so I can string them (without distracting from the design with jump rings). When I opened the box I was tempted to put them on my charm bracelet so I could wear them all the time, but they’re real wood so I’m concerned they’ll get broken. Pendants they will remain!

(Also her packaging is completely adorable, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who plans to commission her: pic!) I am so happy, and they are a wonderful bright spot in what has been a mentally/emotionally not great few weeks. The next challenge will be to actually focus on something today, instead of continuously opening the boxes and squealing!

25. July 2016 by Juni
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  1. These are gorgeous! I’m glad you are so happy with them, and I love the idea of miniature wand pendants.

    • Thanks! I plan to use the wands as magic-work foci and I think the pendants will be really useful in carrying the workings with me. :)

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