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I’m not sure why talking about my doll collection makes me so uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to write this post for a half hour at the very least, and I keep erasing everything and starting over. I’m not embarrassed about collecting them, and if someone thinks less of me for having them, so be it. I don’t know. But if this post seems unusually awkward and stilted, well, that’s why.


I got a new doll in the mail today, a Fairyland RealFee Soso with satyr legs. (I realize that bjd jargon is probably unfamiliar to a lot of you, so I have a basic FAQ if you’re curious!) I’m a big Fairyland geek- all but one of my dolls is from them. When they announced the new line I was very excited; fantasy parts have been very popular in the bjd world for several years, now, and I’ve wanted to make a little deer girl, but the level of work required to hybrid for fantasy parts was just more than I could do. So obviously seeing the little satyr legs made me squee. I didn’t much like the faces, but they very promptly unveiled two more surprises- they’d be making two of the most popular RealPuki faces, Soso and Pupu, in the RLF size, and that they’d be releasing an adapter so the RLF body could wear the larger LittleFee or smaller PukiFee faces. The LTF faces on the RLF body looks really big, but when you swap out the regular legs for the fantasy ones, it looks less so- still bobble-headed, but more in the proportion of the PukiFees, which I like. (It’s less prominent with a wig, too.)

So I thought, perfect! I’ll order a RLF with a Soso face, since I don’t like the others, and then with the LTF adapter I’ll use one of the LTF faces I have in a box upstairs and it’ll be perfect.

And then it arrived today and it turns out that the Soso is really freaking adorable in person.


It’s hard to tell from my shitty photography, and the fact that she’s not painted (but mostly my photography) but she even has little teeth in that smile! She looks pretty cute as a satyr, too. IMG_0548 Just a few days ago, I joined a group order on a Den of Angels, a very large bjd forum, and ordered two wigs for the LTF sized head. The order doesn’t go in until the 1st, so I have time to change it if I need to- but it means I need to decide whether I’m sticking with the original plan, or adapting to the new one. The Soso is almost painfully cute. On the other hand, the deer nymph I’d been imagining is on the shy side, and there’s nothing shy about Soso’s smile. I swapped the heads to see how the Nanuri looks, and though it’s odd without eyes (I don’t have any 14mm at the moment) and no wig, I think it works. IMG_0547 A bit bobble-headed for sure, but once she has eyes and a wig and her antlers, I don’t think it’ll be nearly as noticeable. Even blank, it’s not terribly jarring. So I think the plan will stand. As for the Soso- Fairyland has already said they’re planning to release more RLFs in the future, so I’ll set her aside until then. Ideally, they’ll make it possible to just buy parts- I’ve already got the regular legs, so she just needs the upper body. I’d also like to snag a PKF body for the PKF Soso faceplate I got as a freebie. I have absolutely no idea how I’ll customize the little imps, but I have plenty of time to figure it out! I rather like the white pigtails on the RLF, though, so that might stay.

tumblr_nghpwuobXD1qa76iao1_1280As for my deer girl: her name is Orphea, and she was inspired by this image by Justine Lee Hirten. She’s a forest nymph, and will combine elements of white-tailed deer (the legs, tail, and antlers, mostly, but she’ll have the white fawn spots too) and birch trees- her antlers will actually be birch branches, and her eyes will correspond to the leaf color seasonally. Silver for bare branches in winter, light green in spring, green in summer, and an orange-red in autumn.

So, the Orphea to-do list:

  • Order wig. I joined a GO on DoA, and the order goes in on 9/1.
  • Order eyes. I’ve picked out her silver eyes from Mako, but they’re closed until the end of August. If I like the quality and size, I’ll pick out the other three pairs; if not, I’ll probably sell them on DoA and go looking for something else.
  • Commission her faceup and body blushing. I need to save for it, too, because it’s not cheap. I haven’t started looking at who to commission yet, either.
  • Make antlers. I’m actually planning to make four pairs, one for each season, so the spring ones can have bright green buds, etc. I haven’t decided what I’m making them out of yet- at the moment I’m considering paperclay, or paper mache. I’ll have to do some experimenting.
  • Make clothes & accessories. Her look is going to be very foresty, nothing neat and human, so I can manage it myself. :oops: I’m thinking maybe a moss or ivy cape, maybe some feathers or flower garlands a la the Fantasia centaurettes. I also want her to have a tall staff with a hanging lantern.
  • Possible display area? I don’t really “play” with my dolls as some owners do; I’m a collector, and I like things to sit and look pretty. I may make some kind of woodland scene to sit her in, but we’ll see- that will likely be the very last thing, if I do go ahead with it.

It’s a pretty decent to-do list, and as with all things BJD it won’t be cheap so it’ll take me a while. I’ll share again when I’ve made some progress!

17. August 2015 by Juni
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