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Grandpa Ray’s Day

Thursday was my maternal grandfather’s birthday; he would have been 77 this year. He passed away three years ago, though it doesn’t seem like it. I thought I might share a memory of him, as… a gift, I guess, an … Continue reading

22. August 2015 by Juni
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Childhood Games

There are children shrieking in the dark outside- it’s 50F tonight, warmer than it’s been for a bit- and it’s reminding me of when I was a kid. In the summer, the neighbor kids and I would play a game … Continue reading

21. January 2015 by Juni
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The first rule of holes is: when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Depression is a funny thing, though. Well- you know what I mean. I hate when people conflate sadness and depression. They are not the same, not … Continue reading

17. April 2012 by Juni
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